Eth Vault Strategy

Good morning team,

Im unsure of the exact strategy in place for the new Eth vaults.
Something I would like to propose is the addition of utilising Reflexer (FLX) as a strategy. Currently the Eth native protocol is essentially a Makerdao clone. The only difference is instead of different collateral to mint Dai it is an Eth only collateral that mints Rai. Currently to bootstrap adoption and gain additional use cases for Rai, Reflexer have negative interest rates on minting Rai (0.5%) and varies emissions in FLX for the use of Rai. Rai is supported by defi bluechips AAVE, Fuse, Idle, Kashi. With Aave, Rai supply yield currently over 6% apy.Stefan at Reflexer is a wiz, someone who Yaxis could utilise for their new Eth Vaults. A collaboration would be mutually beneficial.

To drive TVL you have to offer a stable, effective, safu & competitive yield. Currently the only benefit for a user to use Yaxis is because of emissions. Long term we as a community will need to look at other options to generate yield that have the 4 main characteristics above for Yaxis to become a sustainable protocol.

The underlying problem with stables and potential headwind for Defi atm is that they are pegged to US dollar and the counterparty risks associated with USDC and also DAi which is over 60% backed by USDC. Rai breaks this model as all Rai is backed by Eth.

Look forward to a discussion on the potential use of Reflexer and Rai for the upcoming Eth vaults.