Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is yAxis? yAxis is an aggregator of aggregators, earning interest on digital assets. The vaults sit on top of the DeFi stack in order to manage a yield portfolio on behalf of depositors. Token holders play the role of a decentralised fund manager with a voice in the allocations of the fund and receive a % of the profits.

What is yAxis’ flagship product? The MetaVault, a vault that invests the user’s capital into different strategies by balancing the risk / reward ratio. It currently accepts stablecoin assets in the form of 3CRV. Future vaults will also be able to accept other digital assets.

When did yAxis launch? The YAX token launched in mid-September. It was upgraded from an ERC-20 token to an ERC-677 token on April 17, 2021. There was no pre-sale or ICO.

Is the project safe? yAxis has currently been audited by two distinguished security firms: Quantstamp and Haechi. Audits do not nullify smart contract risk, however. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Why is the team anonymous? They have remained anonymous to prevent issues from arising with their current employers and other projects they’re involved in.

How can I obtain YAXIS tokens? There are 4 ways: - Buy YAXIS on a decentralized exchange. - Act as liquidity provider on a supported ETH-YAXIS pool. - Use the MetaVault. - Stake your YAXIS in the app.

What is the token contract? $YAX (old): 0xb1dc9124c395c1e97773ab855d66e879f053a289 $YAXIS (new): TBD

What is the supply of YAXIS? A maximum of 1 million YAXIS tokens is generated through the initial token swap from YAX. The supply will rise to a cap of 11 million over the course of a year, with the vast majority of the tokens being mined for community distribution. Coingecko can be used to track the current circulating supply (

How do I swap my YAX to YAXIS? Owners of the YAX token will be prompted to complete a transaction to swap their YAX into YAXIS on The transaction will become available on the 17th of April. Holders and stakers will simply have to complete the transaction to upgrade their YAX. It will not be necessary to unstake tokens. Liquidity Providers will have to unstake their LP tokens and withdraw from the liquidity pool on Uniswap/Linkswap to be able to exchange their YAX into YAXIS. Users with YAX rewards in the MetaVault will have to claim the rewards in order to upgrade them into YAXIS.

I have installed MetaMask, but I cannot see my YAX balance. The token has to be added to the wallet manually. 1) Click on ‘Add Token’ 2) Click on ‘Custom Token’ 3) Enter the YAXIS contract: TBD 4) Click on ‘Next’ and confirm. Your $YAXIS balance will now be displayed correctly. ‎(edited)

What are the four Eras? yAxis intends to progress through the year of emissions with four thematic Eras, with the first Era starting on the 17th of April. Product upgrades and token incentives are built around them. Buyback dividends are also distributed at the end of each Era.

What is the purpose of staking? Stakers can vote on governance proposals made by the community. The voting system is quadratic to limit the power of large holders. Stakers also earn a share of the MetaVault profits. A percentage of the yield generated by the MetaVault is taken as a performance fee and redistributed to stakeholders in the form of YAXIS at the end of an Era.

How often are YAXIS emissions credited? They are credited in real time each time a new block is validated. Keep in mind that the minimum displayable value is 0.001.

Does the MetaVault only accept stablecoins? It currently supports stablecoins in the form of 3CRV. Canonical Vaults for digital assets such as BTC, ETH, and LINK are currently under development.

How can I best keep up with the project? In addition to the official Discord, which is the primary channel of information, we recommend monitoring the following channels:

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