YIP - 09: Distribution

YIP-09 seeks to define the distribution of the new phase of yAxis. It allocates all $YAXIS tokens to growth, with the majority going to holders, vault users (who generate revenue for holders), and LPs (who support holders).

The full proposal and reasoning behind it can be read again HERE:


  • Supply Cap of 11m tokens
  • At least 1 year of emissions
  • 36.4% to Community Mining
  • 36.4% to Vault Mining
  • 7.3% Flexi Mining


  • 4.5% to Champions Programme
  • 3.6% to Development
  • 2.7% to Team

All treasuries are mined fairly over time. Starting supply = 1m from existing holders only.

yAxis is a community-owned project, and the vote will be respected. Reminder to vote with all wallets.
Process: 20% quorum is required, with majority approval. Open for 48 hours.


Voting Power = SquareRoot(YAX + sYAX + LP)

The YIP-09 Proposal for the distribution of $YAXIS has ended.

:white_check_mark:: 93.38% Voted “Approve”

:white_check_mark:: Quorum Met

We are pleased to announce that Quorum has been met and that with an approval rating of 93.38% the community has decisively chosen to support a new distribution phase of yAxis.

The team would like to thank all voters for their participation.
Please find the results of YIP-09 HERE